The Era of a Personalize Experience Backed Up By AI Personalization Engine

Increase Your Sales

Start offering your customers each a personalized and tailored experience. 

Our personalization formula consist of a recommendation engine which recommend for each user a personalized products based on his interests and behaviour. 

While Our Analytics dashboard helps you understand your customers behaviours and habits and show you the related Items and users interests 

Raccoon is a cloud based personalization engine is offered as service along with an analytics dashboard tailored for each user

  • Raccoon will help you understand your shoppers’ needs and provide them with the most relevant suggestions by serving as an intelligent shopping assistant!
  • More data into the system means better recommendations! The more information about the visitor’s behavior, the more personalized recommendations the customer gets, eventually leading to higher conversion rates
  • Increasing the time your shoppers spent on your store


How to use our services

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