Trending Items

Trending Items are items that gets most attention (ex. most purchases), over a period of time. These items would gain popularity based on a news event, a season, or are just too good to be true. For Example, in ramadan, people buy dates and dry fruits (ex. يامِيش) more frequently. You've definitely heard about the trending "بيض مضحرج". Raccoon provides configurable API's for trending items.

Highly Configurable

All features provided by Raccoon works out of the box based on our default settings, but are highly configurable. For example, based on your use-case, and market understanding you can configure our collaborative filtering algorithm to consider users similarity based on, views, purchases or a combination of both. Similarly related items, can be re-configured to be items that are viewed and/or purchased together. Finally, users can define their time span for trending items or even create various types of trending items (ex. most popular items, trending items in a given season, most viewed items, …etc.)

Analytics Backend

All data captured by or ingested into Raccoon can be visualized via a highly customizable Analytics backend. This includes sales information, sessions information, purchases classification (regular, recommended, trending, …etc.), heat maps, related items, popular items, and a lot more.